Off Week / Creme Organization & Elevator Sound

Gesloten Cirkel, Hodge, DJ TLR, Kendra, Marco Bernardi

  • Fecha:


  • Hora:

    22:00h - 05:00h

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  • Entrada anticipada:

    10,00€ - 20,00€

The mysterious figure of Gesloten Cirkel stirring up chaos in the dance for this very special OFF party - a first collaboration between Elevator Sound EU and Laut.

Pure screwface drumkomputer headbangers with ripping oscillators and vocoder voices straight from the future - Gesloten Cirkel comes locked and loaded with LIVE machines and FX, ready to cut a spluttering laser straight through techno, electro, new beat and industrial.

Support from the Creme Organization commander in chief DJ TLR, Hodge (Livity Sound), KENDRA and Marco Bernardi (Creme/Elevator Sound).

XXXtra limited capacity, smoked out sweatbox energy all night long.