COTCH Off Week

Young T & Bugsey (live) + Khaled (live)+ MC Buseta (live)+ Very Special Guest DJs + AWWZ + LowProfile + Cotch Soundsystem

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    23.00 - 05:00

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    8€ / 10€ / 15€

The Nottingham Young T & Bugsey duo operate somewhere between Rae Sremmurd and J Hus, and similar to both, these man know how to write a HIT. Get 30 seconds deep into '4x4', 'Gangland' or 'Mickey Mouse Ting' and try tell me otherwise.

Moroccan-Spanish badboy, Khaled (along with close collaborator YUNG BEEF) kicked down the doors to usher in an exciting new wave of Spanish rap and reggaeton, but his influences go even deeper, drawing from Flamenco and North African sounds into a mix that equally bangs, breaks boundaries, and represents the Andalusian ends he calls home.

Born in Sao Paolo but raised in Barcelona, MC Buseta as well from La Vendición Records has long been the next to blow with his xanned-out take on Baile Funk.

And that's just the live shows!

We've got Lowprofile of the ͏Lo͏w͏Ke͏y͏Mo͏v͏e͏s family alongside BCN beats queen Awwz, Cotch Soundsystem and some VERY, VERY special surprises on the night.