Lapsus Festival 2018 (Night)- Whities Showcase: Minor Science + Tasker
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  • Minor Science (UK):
    Minor Science has come a long way since his career began just four years ago. In that time he has transformed his leftfield aesthetic towards a more uniquely styled sound design and engineering.

    After breaking onto the club scene with his brilliant debut EP "Noble Gas" (The Trilogy Tapes, 2014), Minor Science has positioned himself as a central figure on the Whities label –headed by London DJ and programmer Nic Tasker-. The Whities label has received unanimous praise in the ‘best of 2017’ lists and is already one of the most promising new labels in contemporary electronica.

    Ever since joining Whities Angus Finlayson’s trajectory has been unstoppable, especially with the release of "Volumes", a seven-minute track included on "Whities 012" (Whities, 2017) that demonstrated his innate talent for intermingling genres and influences without restriction. "Volumes" earned him media accolades from the likes of Pitchfork, The Quietus and FACT, and was widely considered to be one of the best electronic songs to come out of 2017.

    Known behind the scenes for his precision and frenetic mixing of techno, electro and UK bass, Minor Science will form part of the exclusive Whities showcase on Saturday April 7, at LAUT.

    Tasker (UK):
    Over the past few months, London DJ and music programmer Nic Tasker has been the name on everyone’s lips. Since 2014, he has run the Whities record label –sub-label of Young Turks- and hosted a weekly show on Britain’s NTS radio station entitled, "88 Transition".

    In just four years Whities has managed to build a reputation that few can boast, for example their most recent signings Lanark Artefax, Minor Science, Avalon Emerson and Jules Venturini appeared in the vast majority of ‘best of 2017’ lists. They share a futuristic club vision; a melancholy tone and sounds that have permeated dance floors and radio stations around the world.

    For the past 5 years Tasker has been a leading figure in the London music scene, he was an inaugural member of the now incredibly successful Boiler Room, while simultaneously manning the counter at London’s internationally renowned electronic music record store, Phonica Records. Tasker will form part of the exclusive Whities showcase on Saturday April 7, at LAUT.

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