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  • Victor Santana is a legend in the country’s underground electronic culture. Head of the Chaval Records label, he is a devout believer in analogue technology in times that are eminently digital. His label has taken on artists like Robert Hood, Los Hermanos, Vince Watson and Mike Banks among others.

    Santana bets against the digital format by using physical support, his live show, in any of its modalities, runs away from software and “digital control”, relying on hardware and classic circuitry. His influences are in first place jazz and the darkest of classic soul, passing through Raggae, House, and of course “made in Detroit” Techno, with a hint of the German underground movement’s original brightness.
  • Member of the Lapsus collective that organizes an annual festival by the same name in the Centro de Cultura Contemporanea and since 2010 has edited exquisite pieces at the forefront of electronic music. He is also a presenter on Radio 3 (RNE)’s Lapsus Radio show.

    Lester is both one and many at the same time, and has spent years playing around the country under an endless number of alter egos with a suitcase full of discs that will leave no lover of good electronic music indifferent.