New Year's Eve Guateque con Poly-Rythmo Club:

Tamarino / Ishmael Sustraivibez / Sonido Tupinamba

  • Date:


  • Time:

    01:00 - 06:00

  • Box office:

    25€ (1 drink included)

  • Pre–sale:

    25€ (1 drink included)

After a year of hosting parties, showcasing emergent and established DJs from the local and international scene, Poly-Rythmo Club will welcome in the New Year at LAUT. DJs on the night will include: Tupinamba Sound (Poly-Rythmo Club founder); and two regular PRC DJs from two different generations, Tamarindo and Ishmael Sustraivibez, who promise a dance floor session full of fun and frolics and share a deep love for black music, groove and Afro-Latin psychedelia.