SHYBOI (Discwoman) + Shawn Reynaldo
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  • Based in New York, SHYBOI is a multidisciplinary artist of Jamaican origin who uses sound to investigate the notions of identity and power, among many other topics. This creative artist halfway between Caribbean and American culture is also a member of the queer artists collective #KUNQ. SHYBOI and has already appeared for Boiler Room on three occasions, two performances at the MoMa PS1 and a sold out performance at the Guggenheim. Need we say more?

    Better known for his role as a music journalist, for many years Reynaldo has collaborated with Red Bull Music Academy, Resident Advisor, SPIN and NPR, alongside his activity as a DJ, promoter and radio broadcaster. In his hometown San Francisco, he organized the Icee Hot parties and ran its associated label. He is currently based in Barcelona, ​​with his weekly First Floor program reviewing news from the panorama of electronic music for Red Bull Radio. A specialist in discovering new sounds, the Californian’s DJ sets also retain a passion for more classic sonic palettes, including house, techno and electro.