Vimana Presents


  • Date:


  • Time:

    00:00 - 05:00

  • Box office:

    10€ (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00h)

  • Pre–sale:

    8€ + fee (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00h)

According to texts from Hindu mythology, the Vimanas are mythical flying machines capable of interplanetary travel. One of these objects was found in the industrial neighbourhood of Poble Nou, along with a series of instructions that allow us to understand and continue this mystical work: establishing unity through sacred trances, enhanced by tribal rhythms. It was Phran who travelled across this Vimana for the first time and managed to decipher its instructions. The first Vimana to be held in LAUT will be manned by Katza (Paraleloan, EH) and Phran (Klasse Recordings).