Not Waving (live) + Dj Tejón
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    00:00 - 05:00

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  • Not Waving is the solo alias of producer Alessio Natalizia, an ambitious project through which he has been relentlessly producing analogue and visceral electronic. Since 2013, when Natalizia released his debut album "Umwelt" (Ecstatic, 2013), his incessant activity has led him to work for labels such as Diagonal or Emotional Response, and even to sign a split with British Pye Corner Audio.

    In each of his releases, he has shown his impressive stylistic reach, but his series "Voices" (a trilogy initially edited on tape and later compiled into a double vinyl) is perhaps the best way to measure his successful stylistic breadth and depth of his musical experiments. Electronic analogue and charged with distortion, with a view to 80s EMB, - this style without doubt found a home on the Diagonal label, a platform headed by Powell.

    Following the release of his album "Animals" (Diagonal, 2016) the arrival of Not Waving to LAUT coincides with the release of "Where Are We" (Diagonal, 2017), a pop-cut single with the special collaboration of Canadian artist Marie Davidson.

    Dj Tejón is a Dj and a collector who has been able to adapt to the changing times. The premise is simple, to continue offering quality sessions after more than 15 years on stage. Best known for the main references: Ron Morelli, Silent Servant or Broken English Club.