Lucient b2b Vera Rubin (Special Disco Set)

  • Date:


  • Time:

    00:00 - 05:00

  • Box office:

    10€ (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

  • Pre–sale:

    8€ + fee (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

Albert Salinas and Mario G. Quelart -also known as Vera Rubin and Lucient- will once again combine forces under their C.E.E. Shepherds alias. With their roots in nature but their gaze firmly planted on the dance floor, this electronic excursionist duo tends to roam freely through styles and genres, not wanting to become pigeonholed. With this in mind they have prepared something special for May 31, a b2b disco infused set that will include: space, cosmic, Italo and a long list of sub-genres for a night awash with grooves.