Crème Organization

Lake Haze + Ekman (Live) + Ylia + TLR

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    00:30 - 05:30

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    15€ / 20€ (drink incl.)

LAKE HAZE: Residing from the picturesque confines of Lisbon, Gonçalo Salgado, the face behind the moniker Lake Haze, has been standing his ground in amongst the flurry of producers and DJs appearing out of mainland Europe in the previous four years. After linking up with DJ Haus in 2014 and presenting his UK Garage-flavoured Force of Nature EP to the growing fan base of Unknown To The Unknown (Haus' prestigious imprint), Salgado had lodged his foot in the door, with an elevated platform with which he could do what he liked.

YLIA: Ylia began in 1999 as a dj dropping breaks and electro beats in a radio show called “Mundo Evassion” while playing in countless raves, clubs and festivals across the south of Spain: Satisfaxion Live Dance Festival, Esparrago Rock... Those were wild years.
After studying classical piano at the conservatory, she later moved to Barcelona to study Composition and Arrangements at “Taller de Musics”, and continued her career becoming a resident dj at Nitsa Club and City Hall while playing all around the city clubs, and across Spain and Europe. This year she is also playing at Sónar Hong Kong and Sónar Barcelona.
Her dexterous and ever reliable sets interchange between diverse genres, sometimes ambient and experimental, other times more direct and dance floor friendly. In addition to her illustrious DJ skills, she is currently completing her debut solo production under the name ‘Terence’ and working on collaborative projects with Phran (People You May Know); Lost Twin (OWL); and Darío del Moral -member of Pony Bravo and Fiera- under the name​ ​Bola de Desierto.
This year she will be playing keyboards and synthesizers with “El Niño de Elche” in his forthcoming world tour. She hosts ‘La Guarida’, her monthly radio show at, and she is a collaborator at Red Bull Music Radio show ‘Bamboleo’.

EKMAN: After numerous years of experiments with chloroform induced comas on unwilling patients, Ekman started to work trough audio waves to substitute the subjects reality. With tranquilizing bass-lines and sedative melodies he has successfully counterfeited reality for 3 of the 5 test subjects. This findings have since inspired an output of records designed to minimize the the negative side effects of the comatose state of the world. Counterfeiting reality since 1981. Hailing from the Netherlands, Ekman has released on labels like Panzerkreuz, Trilogy Tapes, Berceuse Heroique and Shipwrec.

TLR: TLR set up the pre-social media Global Darkness web forum to connect with like-minded electro/jak-aholics around the globe and concurrently established his own label, Creme Organization.
Originally home to local artists like Danny Wolfers - under his various guises – and Orgue Electronique, the label has since welcomed producers from around the world, including Bangkok Impact, Alexander Robotnick, JTC and Willie Burns, while releasing acclaimed albums from D'Marc Cantu, Neville Watson and DJ Overdose.
Despite his DJ background, TLR says that Crème wasn’t set up to release music that he would play out. “A lot of the early Creme stuff was not really about the clubs, we always were more in a freak zone, it never really worked for big floors, with some exceptions here and there,” he explains, adding that he admires DJs who are selectors as much as technical DJs, with Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ben Liebrand, DJ Hype, I-F, Guy Tavares and newer names like Traxx, Speculator, Ben UFO, Will Bankhead and Ron Morelli all cited as influential.