Femnøise meets Korben Nice:

Korben Nice + Curve + Rosario

  • Date:


  • Time:

    00:30 - 05:30

  • Box office:

    10€ (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

  • Pre–sale:

    8€ + fee (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

Korben Nice:
Korben Nice is a constantly evolving project that has expanded over the years, focussing on the fastest and most powerful sounds from the techno scene. Harmonic and atmospheric reverberations encompass a project that began in 2012.

Focused mainly on the rhythm and texture of acid techno, but contributing much of the melodic structure of acid house, electro and EBM among others, promises not to leave anyone without dancing thanks to its careful selection of vinyls always loaded with a good dose of beats.

If there is something that the people like about the sessions of Dj Rosario and makes them specials, it’s the capacity for always surprise you in her tech-house sessions where it ranges from the most recent hit song to an old hit techno or classic house playing the fiber of more than one, making a perfect cocktail of styles and eras.