Freedonia Goes To... LAUT

Álvaro Cabana / Coco the Coconut / Destination Moon

  • Date:


  • Time:

    00:00 - 05:00

  • Box office:

    10€ (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

  • Pre–sale:

    8€ + fee (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

FREEDONIA GOES TO..., is a new endeavour from Freedonia that aims to transport the sounds that best define its club nights to different city nightspots. For their first night at LAUT, the line-up includes: Freedonia head honchos Luis Costa and Fledermaus, who will perform under their joint ‘Destination Moon’ guise; Coco the Coconut, founder and Freedonia alma mater since its inception; and Madrid DJ and producer Álvaro Cabana, who runs the prestigious Rotten City Records label.