• Date:


  • Time:

    00:30 - 05:30

  • Box office:

    10€ (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

  • Pre–sale:

    8€ + fee (1 drink included by accessing before 02.00 am)

This special party night at LAUT will kick start the 25th anniversary celebrations of the legendary Austrian label Pomelo, whose catalogue includes artists such as ATOM TM, DJ Stingray, Tin Man...

The line-up includes: Dan Lodig, a founder of the Viennese rubric, who began his career as a DJ and producer in the 90's, quickly becoming an emergent force in the Vienna techno scene thanks to his impeccable skillset. He has produced and released tracks for the likes of Tension Records (NY), TRUST (Vienna), Kurbel (Munich) and of course on his own label Pomelo. He is also part of the DL / MS live duo along with Martin Sovinz, who since 2016 has released on Pomelo, TRUST, Frustrated Funk and his own label Vigram; with Second Storey's remix 'Attack Of The Modlings' being one of 2017’s most widely played electro tracks.

Colombian Gatasanta aka Maria Barros relocated to Barcelona 5 years ago after she started DJing in Paris in 2006, as part of the European underground electro scene affiliated with The Hague’s Cybernetic Broadcasting System, as well as organizing parties in reputable Parisian nightclubs. Mixing solo or alongside Art Vega, her partner and the cofounder of Pomelo, Gatasanta is also one of the originators behind Shaddock Records and forms part of the Artistic collective Trama34.