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  • Soraya Lutangu is the woman behind the Bonaventure alias, under which she has been developing her sound arsenal designed to face oppressive power structures and to tell the story of violence, indifference and abuse fed by racism. This is ably demonstrated by the track 'Complexion', released on NON Worldwide, marking the prelude to her career and protest voice.

    Lutangu uses music as tool to research her own identity by connecting her African and European roots, while as Bonaventure she is a regular artist on Berlin Community Radio and has also visited London’s NTS booths on a number of occasions, mixing disparate genres for several hours in her own inimitable style.
  • Sunny Graves is the solo project from Simon Williams; a Barcelona based electronic musician and DJ with Anglo-Latin roots. His musical influences range from the jungle music of a youth spent in the UK, to contemporary social, environmental and political contexts. Williams has always been an exceptional voice operating on the margins of the scene, performing and releasing material through numerous projects since his arrival to the Catalan capital in 2002.

    He is currently presenting his second release as Sunny Graves, "Erosion EP" (Disboot, 2016), and his DJ sets highlight his love for grime, jungle, ambient, experimental techno and the more "outsider" traits of club sounds.