Claire Laffut

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Claire Laffut now makes French pop music with no hidden agenda: her choice is organic and her voice is natural. World music makes subtle, elegant appearances. She tends towards a lively, dance-inducing, imperfect vibe – that’s just how she likes it. Lizzy Mercier Descloux is one of her inspirations, and just like her she wonders where the gazelles went. Her lyrics reveal fears, vertigo and boldness in a whisper. They never silence the disillusions, the fights she gives herself to wholeheartedly. They narrate fleeting, graceful instants, a meeting in a bar, strange emotions. “I sing, she says, because I seem to find truth in notes, melodies, and words. It makes me feel good. It’s as if they were states of my soul I wanted to remember.”

After her first EP Mojo (fall 2018) and singles composed straight afterwards, Claire Laffut went on stage, successfully and joyfully confronted herself to the audiences of festivals, nourished her special bond with her photographer friend, Charlotte Abramow. They met when they were only teenagers, both living near Brussels. Claire posed for Charlotte, who did not hesitate to apply a bold makeup on her and shoot her in her special way. It is no surprise that the pictures in Bleu evoke Charlotte’s signature – “she has helped me grow”, Claire recognizes.